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Post  Oranoas on Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:04 pm

Here are the main basic rules of the forum. If broken, your actions will be punished by either a Warning, Temporary Suspension, or Ban.

Rule #1: Respect other forum members.
We do not allow Flaming, Trolling, or disrespecting opinions. This action will cost you some of other members' respect, and you might get a warning if continued.

Rule #2: Post when you're supposed to post, and post correctly.
Multiple posting, quoting above posts, bumping month old topics, and posting "I don't know." in a topic asking something is an example of how NOT to post. It is considered spam, posts like these will be edited/deleted, and bumped topics will be locked.

Rule #3: Do not talk religiously, or politically. I respect all religious beliefs, and political thoughts, but speaking your thoughts about them could irritate other users, and could easily start flame wars, especially if pushed.

Rule #4: Do not complain to the mods if they banned you/suspended you from something.
The mods are just doing their job, and they don't need butthurt users bothering them.

Rule #5: Censor any vulgar words if they don't censor themselves.
We're pretty sure we censored all of the Vulgar words not allowed, but just to be safe, censor them yourself. Vulgar words allowed are: Crap, damn, and Ass. H--E--L--L is censored as Din because it is a religious word, and we're afraid religious people might use that word to insult people saying that they are going there because they don't follow their religious life style. If I can earn my trust with my forum members, I may remove the censor.

Any other Mods, or Admins are allowed to post any rules if approved by me, or you know it's against the rules by nature like for example, rolling the dice. (Which we don't have in our chatbox.)

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