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Post  Steel on Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:25 pm

Roleplaying is like a story between users, as you can go on all sorts of adventures in roleplaying, but there are still the basic rules, these rules can include;

- Do not 'Nayru mod', Nayru modding is when you begin doing things inhuman like dodge every single attack thrown at your character or suddenly making your character grow bigger than The Burj Khalifa.

- Do not 'Bunny', Bunnying is controlling another roleplayer's character, for example you make George kick a ball but you do not control George. Bunnying takes away the fun for everybody. If you want to control all the characters I'd suggest you begin writing a Book or Fanfaction.

- No advertising in other people's Roleplays, this is classed as spamming and you could get banned.

- Do not leave a roleplay if you control a main character, this is a problem with roleplays and can be quite annoying.

- Cloning an RP is not acceptable, unless you can provide proof that the orginal creator allowed you to, you may not copy their roleplay. Salana
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Post  Axl on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:22 pm

My chara: Jimmy

Jimmy grows to a superhuman size and crushes everything!

Danny runs into a pit of acid and dies!

come to my new roleplay

I leave, and Jimmy was the main character

I just cloned someone who I don't know's RP

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