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Post  Steel on Mon Jan 24, 2011 2:37 pm

Health can be a great feature to avoid Mary Sues/Gary Stus.
If you take a hit, health will be deducted.

Max Values for Races, and the hit values are both below.

Hylian: 100HP
Kokiri: 80HP
Sheikah: 120HP
Zora: 95HP
Gerudo: 100HP
Goron: 200HP
Deku: 75HP

Heart containers add 10 HP to each team member's life, the current values are as follows:
If you were inactive during the dungeon's boss, you don't get the extra life, Side characters (Salana, Diana etc.) have fixed values under 150HP chosen by the creator of that side character, heart containers gained always flow to the main characters.

Axl: 145HP
Shrubby: 105HP
Raymond: 85HP
Oranoas: 140HP
Steel: 120HP
Verne: 140HP

Blade - 100HP
Martin - 120HP
Verne - 140HP
Cyrus - 115HP
Sand - 100HP

Hit values
Melee: -10 HP (Swords etc.)
Ranged: -15 HP (Bows etc.)
Fire Arrows: -20 HP
Ice Arrows: -25 HP + Freeze Effect
Light Arrows: -40 HP/Instant kill Undead/Shadow enemies (Redeads, Stalfos etc.)

Magic: -15 HP (Fire, Ice etc.)
Boss: -20 HP (Morpha, Bongo Bongo etc.)
Drainage: -3 HP each post (Redead/Gibdo attacks etc.)

If a character's health is drained, they can't fight until healed.
Hearts heal 10 HP, Red potions heal 50 HP, Blue Potions heal all HP, I'll get to items in another topic.

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Post  Verne on Mon Jan 24, 2011 2:41 pm

Good >=) We're gonna use those standard now?
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