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Post  Oranoas on Wed Nov 03, 2010 12:59 pm

Plot: People describe Din as a fiery pit of pain, sin, and utmost evil...well, they are correct, but it's just as bad as life. Many demons spend their time hanging out with victims, and victims make fun out of Din by dismembering each other. You'll be lucky to see Din once seeing he's a busy man, but Hitler is always fun to pick on! Their food there is mostly raw meat since it's so hot down there that they practically cook themselves. I hope you enjoy your visit to Din for eternity, pain, and suffering!

No newbies. (50 post+ rule)
No cloning this RP.
Don't control other people's characters.
No godmodding (the irony! XP)
Once CP starts, no more can join.

Character sheet:
Race (Fallen angel, Victim, Demon):
Age when died (Victim and Fallen angel only):
Description/Facemaker pic:
Bio (Before death, include how he/she died):
Job (in Din):


Name: Sparticus
Race: Victim
Age when died: 19
Description/Facemaker pic: (Pic unavailable right now)
Bio: He was raised in the city, and at an early age started drug dealing with criminals. He died when he was shot by a thug that he was dealing drugs to.
Job: Cleaning up after demons



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