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Post  Steel on Mon Apr 25, 2011 2:07 pm

So, I've decided to start making Minecraft skins of our ZCP characters
First, I'll do our OOT characters, then TP Verne/characters.
Pictures will be released either over MSN, or when a category is finished.

OOT Team:
Axl - Done
Shrubby - Done
Oranoas - Done
Steel - Done
Verne - Done
Sand - In Progress

OOT Secondaries:
Salana - Not Started
Diana - Not Started

OOT Fairies:
Fear - Not Started
Venom - Not Started
Defannse - Not Started
Batz - Not Started
Spike - Not Started

TP Team:

Martin - Not Started
Blade - Not Started
Verne (TP) - Not Started
Cyrus - Not Started
Sand (TP) - Not Started
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